My story

Life is strange. Sometimes it wakes you up very rudely. It is a shock, a wave that assaults you and, strangely enough, sometimes saves you. That is what happened to me.  


I have always loved helping others, inspiring them, guiding them, sometimes advising them, supporting them. It is a passion. But it took me a long time to realize that my talent lay there too, and that this was my role.


By turns a lawyer in Paris, an adventurer with multiple activities in the United States, officer at the European Commission communicating on development aid, a freelancer helping artists get started, somewhere in the background, in counterpoint, I had helped others. But I was not aware of it, I had not realized that my talent laid somewhere in this field. In fact, I was not aware of anything. On the surface, everything was fine, but I did not feel fulfilled. Something was missing, but I was not sure what to do about it. So I forgot about these sensations and contented myself with what I had...


Until the day life woke me up. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just understood that my life was at stake, and a phrase came to mind like an inner scream: "you can't die now, you haven't fulfilled yourself, it can't be like this". And I remember the sensation I felt then, this visceral malaise that made me dizzy and the feeling that I was going to collapse. No, it was not possible and I did not believe it.


And the day I got through it, a flame ignited inside me, a flame that never left me and became my driving force, my ally. I wanted to be truly fulfilled, to enjoy myself, I was determined! This flame became my inner voice, my guide, constantly calling me to order: "trust yourself, follow your instincts, do what you love, love life, love others, be kind to yourself, stay open, and really become yourself. It's not too late to fulfill yourself, it's now and here - Hic et nunc. Get moving, take action, and get help if you need it”. 


I felt I needed help to move forward, and that help presented itself unexpectedly. Little by little, I saw more clearly, became aware of the path I had always walked, understood that I could fully become who I wanted to be, that I had the power to make it happen, that I could become an actress of my life.


That is why today I am helping others to awaken too, to become aware of their value, of their power, so that they can exist fully, lead the life they want, before it is too late.


Yes, to “become aware”. I have experienced the hard version of awareness. But there is a lighter, gentler version, because it is deliberately chosen and decided: the conscious choice, the decision to wake up to yourself. And for that too, you can get help, it saves time.


I know what it means, I can help you!


The discovery call is free,

Helene Leroy

Brussels, Belgium