Sofia, Italy

“Helene is an excellent coach with the bonus of also being an excellent RTT Therapist. This gives her the knowledge and expertise to accompany you through any kind of issues, working on your past, present and desired future.


Helene is confident, kind and wise and she creates a welcoming and safe space where you can be yourself and feel supported whatever you need sharing.


Helene can help you to see through issues and guide you to find solutions. She has the ability to see the potential in her clients and empower them to change and live the life they are longing for.


During my sessions with Helene, I felt listened at a very deep level. She introduced me to a variety of tools to help me move forward. I gained insight on my issue (stress management) and I was able to apply the tools immediately. I felt lighter at the end of each session because each time I got a better understanding of where my issue originated (childhood, limiting beliefs), how to work on it (releasing, healing) and solve it (creating and installing new beliefs, making positive changes).


I remember in particular a session when the shift happened. Helene run a powerful visualisation exercise which allowed me to connect to the part of me who was afraid and resisting change. She helped me to move away from pain and towards pleasure in connection to change. She helped me identify the source of my limiting belief "This is not available to me", to challenge it and change it. The session and the visualisation exercise were very powerful and I gained a lot of awareness. At the end of the session I felt like a big block was removed, a weight was lifted from me.


Last but not least, Helene prepared an empowering audio for me. The audio contains powerful suggestions based on my new empowering beliefs and I am able to listen to it any time I need a boost of confidence or to refocus.


Thank you Helene, I now feel better equipped to go through change with new empowering beliefs.”

Katarina, Czech Republic

"Thank you, Helene, for outstanding coaching sessions you provided. Thanks to your unique skills, powerful questions, non-judgmental attitude and a safe space you have created I was able to reconnect with my children on a completely new level where we all enjoy each other´s company and have lots of fun activities together. 


Becoming more confident helped me in my personal life and my business. My written skills and the way I show up has blown me away. Making decisions in my business is much easier now and my life has improved tremendously on all levels.


This updated version of myself is more motivated and creative, I feel very energetic and like a role model for my children. I am full of new ideas and taking massive actions. I couldn't do this without you. You are an amazing coach and I am grateful to you.“ 

Barbara, Belgium

“In a very gentle way, Helene made me realize that I had to respect myself and assert myself so that others would respect me. Thanks to her self-hypnosis method, I'm able to dive back into the very depth of myself to better anchor myself and take care of myself. I highly recommend Helene and her kindness. For me, it was a revealing adventure in my ability to love myself so that I can better love others.” (translated from French)

Jill, United Kingdom

Helene Leroy


Brussels, Belgium