Dare to be you... now!

 I am passionate about helping people, often women, who have realized that they need to change something, who have awakened to themselves after an ordeal, a sometimes difficult experience. They feel that they haven't really expressed their potential, that they haven't blossomed as they would have liked to, and are ready to truly fulfill themselves, now, right now. 


They would like to be able to do what they love, to be themselves, to have the life they deeply desire. They sense that potential and courage lie somewhere within them, but it's not that easy, and they often feel that they won't make it.

Things don't go the way they want, something holds them back, blocks them, limits them. They are trapped by their own doubts, their fears - often unconscious, their lack of confidence and self-esteem, their intrusive thoughts that limit their actions, anxiety, stress... And this limits the opportunities open to them and their fulfillment. 


Yet they are ready to take action to change all that... 


I help them to (re)define themselves, to connect with themselves, so that they feel fully themselves, comfortable in their body and mind, in their place, fulfilled, radiant, aware and confident that the power to "get there" lies within them.

Helene Leroy
Helene Leroy

Transform your life quickly, deeply and sustainably

I help you to free yourself from what is holding you back, to regain your power and move forward with your projects and find your place, the one you should have, to feel fulfilled, good and free. 


Concretely, you will feel more confident, more at ease and have the feeling that you can do it. You will feel more resilient mentally, emotionally and physically, and empowered to transform your life quickly, deeply and sustainably to become the person you were meant to be and create the life you want, at your own pace.


And to do this, I listen to you, guide you, support you, and sometimes inspire you. 

Methods to quickly free yourself from blocks

I use the rapid transformational methods - RTT therapy and RTC coaching, developed by internationally renowned therapist Marisa Peer, because they have helped me considerably.


They allow you to free yourself from blocks, negative or limiting thoughts/unpleasant feelings/limiting habits, and to regain your power, the power to take charge of your life and fulfill yourself, as well as the confidence, energy and motivation to do so... All this is within us.


Everyone has potential, everyone can blossom and everyone has the means to put energy into making progress


Are you ready? You can do it, and I am here to help you! The discovery call is free.

Helene Leroy


Brussels, Belgium