My method

I want to offer you the best of my value: 

  • my determination and passion to help
  • my intuition and ability to feel the potential and create triggers that move people forward 
  • a rich life experience. I can understand you. I overcame difficult challenges during my teenage years, lived in different countries, worked in many different environments and met people from many different backgrounds, coped with difficulties in my professional life, overcame illness, faced and resolved family difficulties, sought and found my purpose, raised my daughter, and I continue to work on myself 
  • my perseverance and a result-oriented mindset. After our work, you'll feel more resilient mentally, emotionally and physically, and empowered to transform your life quickly, deeply and sustainably to become the person you were meant to be and create the life you want, at your own pace

Through my personal experiences, I have come to understand that thoughts and emotions play a major role in our lives, all too often to our detriment, and for this reason I have chosen to use the innovative methods created and developed over three decades by internationally renowned therapist Marisa Peer, allowing us to work on both the conscious and subconscious levels: RTT® and RTC®.


RTT® allows to quickly identify the root cause of a problem by working on the subconscious and using hypnosis, a deep and pleasant relaxation and stress-relieving process, during which the client remains in control.


RTC® enables to move forward into the future by working on a conscious level, using therapeutic tools.


The combination of the two enables us to find the cause of a problem/block in the subconscious, to eradicate it to free yourself and make you see your potential, and to help you move forward towards your goals.

Helene Leroy

Brussels, Belgium